New Goal

I have reached my goal of running a mile in less than ten minutes.

I can run a mile and a half in about 15 minutes, which is the standard for the US Navy.

I weigh about 30 pounds more than the highest weight a female of my height is allowed to weight in the US Navy.

I have lost overall about 1.5 inches from my hips in the past six weeks. Body fat percentage is still 4% too high for Navy standards.

So what’s my goal? 🙂


Keep on running.

I’ve done it, I’ve met and surpassed my goal. I decided I wanted to run a 10 minute mile. That was my goal.

Today I ran my fastest mile since high school: 9:12!

I biked 2.63 miles in 10 minutes.  (this was all today)

Yesterday I ran 2.1 miles in 20:10, and biked 2 miles in 10 minutes.

My goal for the week is to run every day, except Sunday, hopefully totaling in at 20 miles for the week. Sunday, we are going hiking at Costa Noa.

I also want to start the 30 day shred (again) and will do that in the morning, tomorrow, after I run. Now that I know I can run, and I’m good at it… the stamina I have now is amazing compared to six weeks ago, I am going to work on toning up.

What can I do in a short time?

Exactly a month and a day ago, I began really driving myself to be in better health.

Not better shape as my focus, but that’s a plus, too.

Today, my mile was 9:45. A month and a day ago, 17:49. I didn’t even think I would get past a 12 minute mile… I felt that was too fast! I didn’t think *I* could actually go that fast. But, here I am. One month and one day and I reached my goal of running a ten minute mile or faster. I didn’t have a deadline, I just knew that was my goal. Maybe tomorrow or the next day, I can go faster. Now that I have met my goal, I am going to start running two miles. I suppose my goal for two miles would be 20 minutes, but I believe I can go faster than that.

I biked 3.8 miles in 20 minutes; most of that was relatively leisurely at about a level 5. I’m not sure for how long I was hardcore biking, but it felt good. I lifted weights – I only work on my arms as my legs are getting pretty toned from running. I need to do some crunches with the husband in a bit, and then my workout for the day will be done.

It’s been more than 21 days. I believe my habit has begun (began?) and isn’t going to stop. I LOVE IT.

New week, new mantra, new goals.

Last week (Monday the 5th) I went to the gym. I had just recovered from a bad head cold and was dying to go to the gym (I never thought I would hear myself say that…). Shortly after going, I felt really awful; like my cold was back in full force. And it was. It moved into my chest (hence the pain I was experiencing). Now we are here a week later and I really want to go to the gym!


Tomorrow I will take it easy. I will not push myself so hard when my body starts hurting. Obviously, that was a sign I needed to take it slow, but I thought I was being a wuss ;-). I will also take antibacterial wipes to the gym, since nobody else ever cleans the equipment. My mother-in-law is now sick too, so we think it’s from the gym.

I will do at least 10 sit ups and do weights.Not sure which ones or for how many reps & sets, but I will do it.

I know exercise helps a lot, and I just want to feel healthy again. I am finally feeling better and not coughing up a lung every time I breathe (no, I do not smoke). Despite exercising much less than I had in mind, I have still kept the weight off. Even with bloating, I can still tell that the weight is staying off. I am losing it weight in a healthy manner and I feel it shows. I am becoming more happy with myself because I am not giving up. Taking breaks here and there; yes. I am not giving up on myself for me – not for my husband, my kids, etc. I know for me, this exercising is helping  everything in my body function better. Seeing my pants size drop is worth any drop of sweat my body produces; people noticing how different I look from just a few months ago… totally helps!

And now I’m off to drink more water: I have taken a friend’s advice; I bought a reusable bottle of my own, fill it a few times a day with 22-24 ounces of water and drink it all.

Do you think you’ll ever try living in another country?

This question was listed after my last post published!

I am 27 years old. I spent five years of my childhood living in Okinawa, Japan. I consider Japan my “hometown” place. I don’t remember anything from where I was born, and my first memories are in Okinawa.

(My stepfather was in the military for 34 years – 8 in the Army, 26 in the USAF; he was asked to work in Okinawa after he retired from the Air Force. He retired before he met my mother. He did take the job in Okinawa for five years, before we moved to Southern California)

When my husband returned from a deployment in 2005 and decided to re-enlist, he was asked what his choice was for his next duty station. He asked me my thoughts, I told him Okinawa without even giving a second thought to the other areas. Just two months after watching him give another four years of his life to the Marine Corps, we moved to Okinawa with our then one-year old daughter. We stayed there for three years, and both of us would return in a heartbeat and stay forever if it were an option presented to us.


I don’t know what is going on with my body. I got sick last week/week before and took me about 5 days to get back to the gym. Today I had a really sore throat when I woke up!  I filled up my water bottle and drank all of it from the time I left the house to take the kids to school until the time I came back – about 22 ounces. Another 8 while at the gym and back, so 30 ounces. I was also extremely hungry this morning, so I had a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and honey, and two scrambled eggs with a sprinkling of bacon bits. I still feel a bit icky and I am tempted to get back in bed for a nap.  Maybe for an hour. However, I am down to the last week and a half of school; studying and homework take priority over feeling sick.

Today I ran a mile in 12:52, which is slower than my mile on Saturday; but my chest was hurting and I kept coughing. Without those factors I could have run a much faster mile. I didn’t run at the gym yesterday since it was closed – apparently for a photo shoot for the apartment community’s website. Silly. Instead, I walked in a giant circle around the community, which was only .4 mile.

When I came back, my husband helped me with situps as usual. I have gotten better. Three weeks ago, I could not even do one sit up entirely. Yesterday, I managed to do 7 before I had to stop for a few seconds!

I hope I feel better tomorrow, even if I am feeling under the weather I will still hit the gym.

Sick and tired, but…

I did it anyway. I went to the gym. Last week I got some nasty strain of cold and I did not have the energy to get out of bed for more than food and putting the kids to bed for a day and a half. That is a long time for me to not do anything. Then I spent the next couple of days attending class and recovering slowly. I went back to the gym today and had not been since last Saturday. My shin has been hurting for over a week and I did not want to exacerbate it by hitting the treadmill, so I did the elliptical instead. I was really surprised at how the elliptical was working muscles that the treadmill was missing. I was also surprised at how PAINLESS my shin (left) was. I expected my mile time to be really awful since I had been and still am fighting away this cold, but I was very pleasantly surprised!

Usually on the treadmill I can go no faster than the 5.0 speed; even that only lasts a minute before I have to slow down to 4.6 or so. On the elliptical I managed to stay at 5.1 for at least a minute at a time. My mile time was 12:25. When I began working out two weeks ago, on the 17th, my mile time was 17:49. So I have taken 5:24 off of my mile time. My goal mile time is 10 minutes.

In one week I will have created a new habit; since apparently habits take 21 days to make or to break. Granted, I have not consecutively worked out for 21 days straight, nor would I (I know my limits), but I know that even when I wasn’t working out for those days I was sick, I was really pissed off at my body for allowing a germ war to start right when I started a really good workout regimen. I WANTED to be at the gym, I felt guilty for not going!

Once I reach my 10 minute goal, I will up my workout to two miles. I am not sure what kind of goal I will have for a two mile time, because I doubt it will take me twenty minutes to go two miles.

I also lifted weights, but I always forget which machines I used. Does it matter? I did it. That’s what matters.

A friend suggested that I drink more water. When you begin a workout, she said, your body releases all sorts of fun stuff, things your body had but did not know – that ranges from endorphins to colds, evidently! So the more you workout, the more water you should intake to flush out the ickies. I’ve been using my husband’s camelbak water bottle but I’m fairly sure he wants it back, so I will buy myself one today while we are out.

I’m looking forward to the weekend being here! Happy two week anniversary of working out to me!



I began running on Thursday, November 17th. I think I was in decent shape as far as “cardio” goes – I walk pretty far from the campus parking lot up to the main campus of the college, I can walk for hours and be fine (as long as I have my comfortable running shoes on), I can run up the stairs and hardly be out of  breath or in pain.

My first mile was 17 minutes, 19 seconds.

The next day, Friday, my mile was 15 minutes, 22 seconds (or 21?)

I walked 1.4 miles on Saturday to the train station, and then walked about another mile while in the city – so I estimate I walked 2.4 miles on Saturday.

Sunday I took off because I was very, very sore. Monday, I took a nap during my gym time… what? I needed it :P.

Monday (today) I ran one mile in 15 minutes, 10 seconds!

During today’s run my shins hurt oh so badly. From what I have read, shin pain comes from being overweight and out of shape. I can attest definitely to the overweight part, and I am sure this impact on my body is definitely telling me I AM out of shape.  I also read in a few places to take off two weeks from running. Before, I would have said, oh, sure! I’ll just take off two weeks… (and then I would never get back in to it). That’s not an option this time. I refuse to stop. I LOVE the way I feel after a run, even if I’m in pain, I feel happy and excited and ready to go.

I have just eaten breakfast, so I need to get in the shower, get my stuff together and go to class.