Almost there…

I don’t know how long it will take, now, but I’m very close to my goal.

I originally started at: 230 pounds

At my 6 month mark, I weighed: 210 pounds (I had not yet started exercising).

I began exercising on November 17, 2011. I remember that day because it seems like a switch turned off (or on?) in my head. I had to do it, I did it, and I still am doing it!

I didn’t weigh myself that day, but I will guess I still weighed about 210 pounds. I now weigh…

159 pounds!

Really, I didn’t expect to get under 200 so easily. Then I passed under 200 and suddenly, losing weight and exercising seemed a lot less daunting! I am finally at a normal weight! I would still like to be about 10 pounds lighter, but I am not stressing over it happening soon. I noticed the weight loss has slowed down, but I have also stopped tracking every single calorie I take in. I may start doing it again just to see if I’m overestimating what I am eating. I’m not losing 1+ pound every week now, so losing 1 every other week or more seems a lot different. However, I’m still losing :).

The difference in my body is unbelievable – to me. I still don’t have a great tummy, but I work on it, and it shows. It’s just not something I will show to strangers! My legs are muscular and pretty defined, my arms – oh my goodness – they are very toned.

Know what’s really cool? Being able to see my collar bones again!

My only issue is that it seems like I get cold very easily now. I can’t go in the refrigerated sections of the grocery store without feeling like I’m going to freeze. I have to relearn how to dress for winter! I take my daughters to ice skating lessons, indoors, and yesterday I wore two jackets. Granted, I was wearing thin workout pants because all of my jeans were in the dryer. Two jackets, though, and I was still cold.

Now, my breakfast has settled, so it’s time to go do a warming-up stretch, hit the gym for weights, and go RUN! If you don’t think you can do it, just try anyway! Start slow, but do something! Your body will thank you for it :). If I can do it… anyone can.


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