Six months, how are you?

I have done it, I have made it six months. 

I started last summer with: 230 pounds. Size 20. 

I started exercising with: 210 pounds, size 18 or 16 (?) 

I am now: 175 pounds, size 12. 

I can run an 11 minute mile. 

I ran my first 5k on May 5th: 3.4 miles in 37 minutes. As I crossed that finish line, I felt like I finally succeeded. I finally did something that I put my mind to. 

I am – well, I’m on hold for it –  training for a half-marathon. I injured my hip (ball joint) somehow last week, so I’m taking it easy and exercising lightly. I will get back to running as soon as possible.

I have more definition in my arms than I have had in years. 

I am the same weight and size pants I was when my husband and I married in 2004. 

I am:
In school full time, two kids, married, kids have lots of activities, and guess what? I still found the time, 4-5 days a week, to exercise. I found the time to grocery shop for healthy foods. I found the self-control to choose good food if I ate out. I am living proof that it can be done. 

Now, this week has been weird. I am used to cardio and a little bit of weights. This week, because I am taking it easy, I am focusing more on weights/strength training and less on cardio (running). So I feel like I am not doing much, even though I am actually accomplishing quite a bit. 

So I spent my six month exercise-versary injured, hobbling around with sore thighs from squats and burpees and a sore hip. I am taking ibuprofen. I’m trying so hard to get better and hold off on running so I don’t reinjure myself. It’s very difficult going from walking and running frequently to sitting, or laying with my leg propped up. Funny, six months ago I couldn’t fathom exercising as much as I do now. 

Next week, my family and I are going on a mini vacation – nothing far, it’s just an hour down the road, but my lovely mother in law has been looking at trails we can walk/jog/run, and they offer a guided hike! 

In October, myself, my husband, and his mom are running a 5k together. I plan to run a half-marathon by the end of the year. 

Life is good – exercise is good – being fit is AMAZING. Never stop trying to better yourself. But do it for you, and no one else. 


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