A month and more weight is gone.

I keep forgetting to post. Or, I’l start to post, realize how long-winded I have gotten, and delete the entire thing. So, perhaps bullet points will help me stay on track! 😉 

  • Since my last post I am up to 45 pounds lost! 
  • I can now wear a size 14 quite comfortably. 
  • I have been pronounced the winner of the weight loss challenge that was proposed by my motherinlaw. I am the only one who stuck to a lifestyle change. Instead of a 20 I wear a 14, instead of being in the OBESE BMI category I am now in the OVERWEIGHT BMI category. Amazing! 
  • My new goal for this upcoming month is to work hard on my core. I have been doing it here and there with some pretty good results, but it isn’t quite good enough for me. I did absolutely nothing after two children to improve it, so now I must work extra hard to get it back and KEEP it! 
  • I would really love to be in the HEALTHY BMI range by the end of the year. That’s about 160 pounds. I am positive I can do it! Only 25 pounds to go! 
  • That would put me at about a size 10!
  • WHEN I reach my goal of 160 pounds, that will be 70 pounds that I have lost! I am SO sure that I can do it! 
  • I am running a 5k in April. Not sure where or what day, but I will do it. 

That’s about all I can think of. Yay! 


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