I first heard of Crossfit when I lived overseas in Okinawa. I thought it was some workout program centered around religion (way to assume!). Not that I have an issue with religion, but I much prefer working out with God in my own mind, not with others.

Over the last couple of months I have visited and revisited the website for a Crossfit gym located a few miles from me. I sigh when I look at the price, but I have come to realize:

I would be receiving 1:1 training.

I would be challenged.

I would meet new people (aka friends, of which I have none here…).

Best of all, I would get in wonderful fit shape. I can run to my heart’s content. I can walk for miles. I can do planks, I can do situps, I can do pushups, but I lack the core strength and quite frankly, I lack the attitude that would force me to strengthen my core. I have poor posture, due to weak lower abdominal muscles and back muscles (thank you, pregnancies; thank you self, for not trying to stay in shape).

I have seen the before and after of people I KNOW personally. I realize it’s a lifestyle change. I realize that on top of 16 credits (5 classes) of homework, I will be working my tail off to be in better shape.

$100 a month doesn’t sound like a lot to many people. In the grand scheme of life, it isn’t. I/we can afford this. I called the gym, left a message, and am hoping for a call back soon so I can figure out when I can go in for a free session. If I like it, then I plan to join the gym. I figure that even if I join only for a month, I will learn a lot from it.

However, it’s going to be interesting to convince the husband. He’s completely supportive of me and honestly I think he’s surprised I stuck with working out for this long. Believe me – I am too. I am just not feeling challenged at the gym anymore. I feel like I CAN do more, but I need to be pushed to do so. I have no one to go with. I have my friends who live on the East coast and while it’s very motivating and supportive, it isn’t quite like having a group of people to go with.

So, let’s see how this goes. I’m thinking I will LOVE it!



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