Almost TWO months!

I can’t believe it! I did it! I still enjoy working out and tomorrow is two months from when I began!

I remember when I started, I could not run very fast, even on the elliptical. Could not fathom ever going faster than a 12 minute mile. Just a couple of weeks ago, I beat that goal and I ran a mile in 7:45! Now that I know I can reach my goals in exercise, I have changed it up a bit. After a fast mile I am usually too shaky and tired to keep going, so, I have slowed down and go for longer periods of time. Instead of just 15 minutes (max) on the elliptical, treadmill, or bike, I spend at LEAST 25 minutes doing cardio! It does get boring, though. Today was a day where I just was not in to it. I had stretched nicely, lifted weights and performed lunges. I started on the elliptical, reading a book and working at a level 4 or 5, and got bored after five minutes. I went over to the treadmill. 5 minutes, I was bored again. I sighed and was frustrated because I had barely worked up a sweat! I didn’t want to go home, and I definitely didn’t want to skip my workout!

I decided the bike was the best bet since I don’t use it often. I then biked for 20 minutes; 4.33 miles, level 5 incline.  Afterwards, I was able to do two planks for thirty seconds each, which is SO great! I could barely hold a plank for 10 seconds just a couple of weeks ago :).

Another aspect that helped me keep going today was the mirror. In my apartment community’s gym, there is a floor-to-ceiling mirror on one wall. It is next to the bike. I noticed my legs are so toned now! My calves are more defined and my thighs… well, they need work, but they, too, are more toned! My arms are showing more definition!

Best of all? I tried on a pair of swim shorts I wore over the summer. They were snug over the summer. There is now about a two-three inch gap between my waist and the shorts now; I doubt I will be able to wear them this coming summer.

I am SO close to being in a size 14! I think I will be in a size 14 in about one more month, maybe six weeks.

I have changed my eating habits and it is not easy, but I know it will assist in the inches lost.

I am proud of myself for arriving at my goals and for the weight I have lost. To date I have lost 31 pounds since 4/28/2011. My youngest daughter is 29 pounds! That’s crazy! 🙂




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