Almost 7 (weeks) since I began:


I can do pushups now!

I can run a mile in 8:05, though I don’t expect that time every day. That is 9:44 off of my original time.

I can lift weights! I could before, but my arms are getting much stronger.

I can say I weigh 200 pounds instead of 227! I will be very very very ecstatic when I see 199! I seem to have plateaued, so…

Now I need to:

Learn to run on a treadmill without aggravating my left shin.

Get a pair of Vibrams (end of the month)

Work on “core” exercises, such as planks and squats. The rest of me is toning pretty nicely but I need to work on my belly – Pilates, perhaps? I know that is probably what is keeping my weight from dropping any more.

I have cut down on dairy intake because dairy tends to make me feel bloated and yucky. Trying really hard to have at LEAST one to two meat free meals per week while still incorporating protein.

My workout routine is still mostly cardio: one mile on the elliptical, one mile (or more) on the bike, then another on the elliptical. Breaking it up keeps me from getting bored. I have been lifting weights before working out and that seems to work better – I’m not jello-like before I run, only after!

Going to look in to Pilates and see if perhaps the gym my kids attend swim lessons at offers Pilates. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Almost 7 (weeks) since I began:

  1. Congratulations on your success! Keep it up. It’s amazing what a person can do when he or she puts his or her mind to it.

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